About us

YAFI FILTERS SERBIA d.o.o. is the leading producer in the field of air filtration in enclosed spaces in countries of South Eastern Europe. Our key strategic advantage is based on the proven quality of our products. With our new production facility, the quality of filter production, competitive pricing and speed of delivery of our products are all taken into account. With over 15 years of experience in the air filtration production, researches, development and aggressive investments in the last 5 years, have enabled us to gain competitive advantage over competition and provided cornerstone for rapid market expansion in South Eastern Europe.

Our client needs are always priority number one!

Our air filters and service, enable our clients to continuously improve air quality in the work space and therefore health of its workers. Our mission is also to educate our clients about benefits of high-quality air filtration system. Through our comprehensive approach we measure filter endurance, its effectiveness, actual characteristics of air filters and compare them with adequate parameters. We cover multiple air quality tests before we recommend adequate filter products.

Strong Eco-friendly commitment!

We have strong commitment to ecology and preserving nature. Beside the quality of our products, YAFI FILTERS d.o.o can offer to each of its clients complete engineering in the field of air conditioning and in the field of ecology, a document on the eco-waste movement (old filters) with the arrival on the scene, the transport of it and its storage at the landfill accompanied by eco inspection.

While visiting numerous international factories and fairs, we have realized that filters manufactured by YAFI FILTERS d.o.o do not differ in quality, or in the filtration parameters from G2/EU2 - G4/EU4 and M5 - F9. We firmly believe in quality of our products as proven by over 200 current clients and some 400 clients we have serviced during the last 15 years.

We are looking forward to expanding our operations into other countries and are confident that the quality of our products will best represent our own commitment to superior service, satisfied clients and eco-friendly cleaner air.